Isolated Storage und Application's config file

COOLER Vorteil von Isolated Storage: -Eine Assembly braucht keinen Festplattenzugriff um einen Isolated Storade anzulegen. Zum Beispiel bei Download einer Assembly über Internet. ISOLATED STORAGE für: -User settings from configuration dialogs. -Data caches (database lookup tables, for example). -Queued information waiting for a connection to submit to a web service. Nicht verwenden für: -User documents. The size limits aside, often users need to know where on the disk their documents are (for backups or transfer to other machines), and isolated storage makes these hard to find. -Downloaded assemblies. Don't download an assembly and put it in isolated storage. You won't be able to load it, because you won't have a path name. This is what the .NET download cache is for. -Secret information. Isolated storage is not encrypted, so don't store plain text passwords. Understanding Isolated Storage - .NET Developers

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