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Anonymous said...

using System;
class Hello {
static void Main() {
Console.WriteLine("hello, world");

Peter Gfader said...

I am not sure what you want to say :-)

Bruce Millwood said...

It looks like that service is no longer available.

Have you tried Compilr's Service?

Peter Gfader said...

Hi Bruce

No I havent...
Why would that be handy?
What are you using it for?


Anonymous said...

//Hello Peter
//How r u;

Anonymous said...

use :P way easier to use than if you just going to try building C# code.

No need for signup, edit box on frontpage, hit ctrl+shift+b to build. easy peasy :D

Peter Gfader said...
Cool stuff!

Feature requests:
- Allow execution and return result to another window/frame
- Intellisense
- Allow usage of .NET 4
- Color in text editor for keywords

Anyway is cool!

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