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How to Obtain Simplicity???

Simplicity isn't easy to obtain.
I have, however, roughly devised a formula that lays the foundation for simplicity.

Albert Einstein said;
  "If A is to succeed in life, then A = x + y + z. Work is x, y is play and z is to listen."

A functioning formula for simplicity (where A equals simplicity) could be A = x + y + z.
x is good research and prototyping,
y is play and
z is the reduction of unnecessary elements.

(1) By genuinely knowing your audience and your objectives, and building for them, you've won the first battle.

(2) By creating a design that engages the visitor on a sensory (or perhaps sensual) level, you've won the second battle.

(3) If you hold onto these gains and let go of the things that are unneeded, you win the war that earns a satisfied visitor.

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