What bad developers say and what to do about it

I am still alive and I am still blogging, just not here so much ;-)
I blog more on my company Zühlke blog, on my technology tumblr blog Gfader brain noise, and another tumblr about Stop doing Agile - Business Agility - my adventures with organisations that want to improve.

So this is a little traffic generating, SEO link exchanging, cross post:


I talk to a lot of people (if the day is long enough) and so I get them to ask interesting questions like:

“What have you learned recently?”
“What is your top 1 goal for 2020?”

These questions and more leads us to interesting conversations about personal development and personal goals that a person has. Being a Scrum.org Trainer, I like to ask people questions especially related to software development so I ask them:

How well are your teams doing?

“How do you know?”

What do you think is the content of the ‘Professional Scrum Developer’ class?“.

Especially to the last question I get this face

No clue
Figure: “No clue” from http://xenaandjonesgiflibrary.tumblr.com/post/42761898144


Read the full blog post on our Zühlke Blog: 5 things bad developers say and what to do about it.

And by the way…

Here are the follow ups:

How do you apply changes to your codebase? When should we merge the JoeBranch?

At our yearly 1 week Zühlke web camp a couple of us took the opportunity to share experiences with branching and release techniques.

code changes workshop


  • Focus on Continuous Integration
  • Every change that you have locally is a branch (a code version that is different than main)
  • Every kind of branching delays Continuous Integration
  • Only a healthy code base with a “green” Build + Automated Tests let you sleep like a baby at night.

Are you a Professional?

What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?  
Figure: What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?


The future web development: where are we heading?

The web as we know it
: The web as we know it

The web is easy I thought 15 years ago, 15 years later I still haven’t mastered it. Here are some thoughts on the future of the web.

The TicTacToe Kata in C# – A TestDriven approach

This is for my future self to see how I look like on camera while coding ;-)
And I am doing another experiment to see if people are interested in this kind of stuff.

I turned on Camtasia and recorded myself during my weekly practice sessions. Published on youtube and now I wait and see what the reactions are.
Tools used: mstest, VisualStudio 2012, Resharper and Notepad.

The TicTacToe Kata in CSharp
Figure: Is the font big enough? Is my picture small enough? Is my voice annoying enough? Let me know!

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