How do you apply changes to your codebase? When should we merge the JoeBranch?

At our yearly 1 week Z├╝hlke web camp a couple of us took the opportunity to share experiences with branching and release techniques.

code changes workshop


  • Focus on Continuous Integration
  • Every change that you have locally is a branch (a code version that is different than main)
  • Every kind of branching delays Continuous Integration
  • Only a healthy code base with a “green” Build + Automated Tests let you sleep like a baby at night.

Are you a Professional?

What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?  
Figure: What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?


The future web development: where are we heading?

The web as we know it
: The web as we know it

The web is easy I thought 15 years ago, 15 years later I still haven’t mastered it. Here are some thoughts on the future of the web.

The TicTacToe Kata in C# – A TestDriven approach

This is for my future self to see how I look like on camera while coding ;-)
And I am doing another experiment to see if people are interested in this kind of stuff.

I turned on Camtasia and recorded myself during my weekly practice sessions. Published on youtube and now I wait and see what the reactions are.
Tools used: mstest, VisualStudio 2012, Resharper and Notepad.

The TicTacToe Kata in CSharp
Figure: Is the font big enough? Is my picture small enough? Is my voice annoying enough? Let me know!

How do you continuously improve yourself? An interview with SSW TV

This went viral on YouTube the other day, aka my mum clicked it 100 times.

Me and Adam Stephensen rambling around Clean Code, Quality, Releasing Software more often, Continuous Delivery and all things that make developers happy.
Figure: Me and Adam Stephensen rambling around

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