Windows Forms Version Numbers (Versioning and History)

We need ONE Place: - Where we find out software-history and actual version number (e.g. - Where the release developer writes his modifications (on the source-code)- - Where this info can be displayed to our customers - Where this info easily accessed by many people, developers, testers, …. How do we do this? Regarding the Microsoft numbers for versioning. Yes we use them. But we keep a history of our versions like this in the AssemblyInfo.cs

[assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.9.5.*")]
public class SiagVersion
public const string ExpectedDbPackageVersion = "1.0";
public const string VersionsHistory = @"
* 1.9.6   xx.09.2006    DB Package: 1.0
Bugfix: Main öffnen wurde immer maximiert
Performance: Main: Holidays werden nicht bei jedem Refresh gesetzt

* 1.9.3   31.08.2006    DB Package: 1.0
BugFix: xy
Performance: Data access handled with Stored Procedures

AboutBox Versions-History

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