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Infragistics Controls comparisonTranslation of the german post: Infragistics Controls Vergleich

In this post I show the results of a study made in our department about performance and handling in development with devexpress, Infragistics and Janus Controls

Infragistics controls
DevExpress Controls
Janus Controls

Information about:
- the company, number emloyees, clients, partner, references, presence in the market
- controls for which technology, .net2.0 .net3.0, support?
- sourcecode, quality
- performance of the single components
- usage of the controls in development, maintainment
- periodic regular updates? help? Support forum? Support mail, phone?
- what kind of controls? Prices?
- opinions from devleap members


Infragistics currently employs more than 100 industry professionals
IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Dell, United Airlines, Charles Schwab, AIG, Fidelity Group, Merrill Lynch
Microsoft, Sun, Ajilon Inc., Oracle, IBM, Borland
References (reference applications)
Tracker; Expense
Controls available for
Winforms; ASP.NET; COM; AJAX; Usability Testing,
Source Code?
Source Code Quality
Very good, clean class diagram and composition
Usage of components
good; with many easy designers
regularly (4months); good
Help ms-help://
very good, with examples
Support Mail
Good fast reaction time
- Filter Row
- Extended functionality
UI Controls
-MDI Tabs
Schedule Control: YES
Timeline Control
No; its in the Feature Request DB
Mail Question: Released when?
Productmanager Infragistics: "No, I can't provide that sort of information."
~1000€ for Winforms,, com components with 1 year Priority Support and source code

opinions from Devleap
Translated by me… don’t blame me
Silvano: I know better Infragistics than the others and they seem very serious
Original ITALIAN: Io conosco In + Infragistics e mi sembrano molto seri. Altrimenti ho visto anche ComponentOne che non mi sembrano male, erano gratis dentro il VB.NET ResKit.
Brunetti: I know Infragistics, they are famous too for the web. The controls are a bit heavy and the assistance is not very good.
Original ITALIAN: Io conosco Infrangistics, sono famosi, anche per il web oltre che per windows.
In generale tutti questi prodotti sono un po' pesantoni e non offrono un'assistenza eccezionale.
Paolo: I vote for Infragistics, but only for Winforms, in Webforms they are horrible for a lot of Viewstate overhead…
Original ITALIAN: Io voto x Infragistics, ma solo per la parte Windows Forms.
La parte WebForm fa cacare con un sacco di Viewstate …
Marco: I vote for Infragistics too, but you should try ComponentOne, some of them seem very good. Infragistics is more a complete package (Winforms)
Original ITALIAN: Anche io voto Infragistics, ma digli di provare anche ComponentOne, per alcuni specifici componenti è meglio, ma come suite complessiva (per Windows Forms) Infragistics è più completo di tutti.

Performance of the grid control

Fetch data and paint the grid:
between 32 and 36 seconds (first time)

Bad average 10 seconds, the worst of all grids
No difference between sorting on numbers or text

between 28 and 30 seconds
Bad better than janus grid, but definitely worser than the XTRA Grid

Remove grouping:
circa 1 second, very fast

between 2,5 and 4,5 seconds, depending of the filter criteria
Bad Overall the slowest filter

fetch data and paint the grid:
between 32 and 36 seconds (first time)
same performance as Infragistics

between 1,5 and 3 seconds, depending if I sort on numbers or text
Good definitely the fastest grid

between 2,5 and 4 seconds,
Good very fast on grouping

Remove grouping:

Good very fast, about 1 second

ActiveFilter, which filters on every keystroke.

Good Hard to compare to the others, cause it filters on every keypress, but this function seems very fast (between 2 and ~5 seconds), 5 seconds cause we input more letters

Janus Controls
fetch data and paint the grid:
between 36 and 39 seconds (first time)
Bad slowest buildup

between 3 and 7,5 seconds , depending if we sort on numbers or text

between 39 and 50 seconds,
Bad definitely the slowest grouping function of the 3 grids

remove grouping:
Bad slow, average 5-7 seconds


Good fast filtering between 2 and 3,5 seconds

Comparison done with the actual versions from the software producers on 29 August 2005


Anonymous said...

Hi peter,

have you done any testing regarding WPF Grid component like Xceed and Infragistics?

Peter Gfader said...

no, i haven't...

in our company we use mainly winforms.
maybe some new projects arise, where there is the need for wpf...

Anonymous said...

Used Infragistics web controls.

Horrible. Support forums are like a city after a carpet bombing, barely anyone is there.

I would much rather use Telerik.

They might be better for WinForms though.

Peter Gfader said...

support forum, knowledgebase und their homepage member area is VERY horrible.

telerik never used...
maybe i give them a try.


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