"Windows Update" and "Google Updater" are not enough...

  • Windows Update is great for Windows
  • Google Updater works great for the Applications contained in Google Pack.

But what about all other software?

Use SSW Diagnostics - Utility to ensure your system is up to date.
Ok, I'm starting to work at SSW :-)  
but I like that tool and used it already before...


Checks all of your software, if you have latest version!

Clickonce - no install needed, click and run!


All applications must be upgraded manually... but there is one click download link...


Unknown said...

already doing a bit of advertisement ;)
It seems to be a great application. As you correctly pointed out Windows lacks some sort of updater for all of the software you've installed. The ideal thing would be to have a system like the update mechanism on Linux where you can add external package sources from which the "Update-Manager" downloads new versions.
For some reason however I'm not able to download SSW Diagnostics. There must be some problem with the URL since it doesn't open. I also tried to get it over an external source but that didn't work neither. Well maybe it is just some temporary problem.

Unfortunately I didn't see you the last day before leaving work, but I wish you good luck there. It seems to be a cool and interesting company and I'm sure you'll like the work. Let something hear from you how it's there in Australia :)


P.S.: Is this a Blogger widget which lets you write comments directly on the page without being redirected to the Blogger default one??

Peter Gfader said...

Hi Juri,
yes Linux is great for auto-updates.
Also, because the supplier is responsible for his downloads.
In the case of SSW Diagnostics, the utility cares about all updates in some manner.

Today the Download is working. They are having some DNS issues with Europe.

Post a comment directly is a feature of Blogger Draft.

Greets Peter

Anonymous said...

updatestar.com is also a nice solution to getting notified of application updates on Win Machines...

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