Tools that I use and that are not on Scott Hanselman’s list of tools

I did a new install of Win7 RC last Saturday morning (my quickest install ever with my new SSD HD!!) During the install I wrote down the tools that I installed. I realised some of them are not on Scott Hanselman’s tools list! But almost all are mentioned in the comments on his blog post

This is the list of tools that I always install
And these are NOT on Scott’s tool list

Total Commander
File manager - the german “swiss army knife”. The best tool ever! Replaces Windows File Explorer, Winzip, Winrar, Beyond compare, FTP tools, …and more!

Screenshot utility - Don’t really like SnagIt, because its harder to use

Stroke It - Don’t be just a keyboard jed
Mouse gesture to the max - I used Symbol Commander, Sensiva in the past, but Stroke It is free

Stardock Fences
Organizes my desktop, and double-click  hide icons is great for presentations

My blog reader of choice, I know its old and they didn’t release a version since a couple of months / years …. but it just works

Text replacement - I got used to that one and have 20 short cuts in there, don’t want to migrate to autohotkey…. to painful

Browser Selector
Depending on the URL that I click on emails it opens different browser, great! and other features described in this blog post about Browser Selector

Free Download Manager
1. Save all downloads in 1 place (FireFox, IE, …) 2. Resume downloads and 3. free

Like “autorun” from sysinternals but keeps my system healthy in the background. If there is a change in my system –> Warning

My picture viewer of choice. fast and shows all file extensions in the world

SSMS Tools
Enhances SQL Management Studio with features like: Create INSERT INTO script for table …

If you don’t know it you don’t need it

Save all your RDP, SSH, VNC connections in 1 place and connect by double click


Scott uses different tools and that is good.

My comments

What I found strange that there is no mouse gestures tool. I think he is a keyboard master and is not using a mouse at all probably :-) Or he is using some authotkey script for mouse gestures…

There is no file manager in Scott’s list. Just FAR file manager (DOS, crazy!!)  :-(

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Peter Gfader said...

TcpView from Sysinternals is missing the filter functionality.
Therefore I use cports from Nir Sofer

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