VS2010 - IntelliTrace is not available. Why?

If you get this error


No symbols are loaded for any call stack frame. The source code cannot be displayed.
Calistack Location: AvalonCalculator2.ex&WPFCalcutator.Windowl .CheckResult(double d = {unknown})
IntelliTrace Time Context: Exception: Thrown: “Illegal value” (“System.Exception”)

on trying to open an IntelliTrace log, with a WPF application

Make sure to switch your WPF application to 32bit (x86) in the “Configuration Manager”



After this small change (Rebuild and sent to tester)
Open the bug with the attached intelliTrace from your tester and double click on the main thread


Now you get

Figure: Sorry I had to hide this code, it is so ugly and smelly… It comes from this WPF calculator on MSDN see yourself if you want


We finally can do Historical Debugging … Nice!
And easily reproduce bug from our tester!


Thanks to Habib for this info: IntelliTrace is not avaiable


Unknown said...

Interesting. What do you mean by historical debugging?

Peter Gfader said...

>>historical debugging
= intelliTrace...

Think of falling asleep during a movie... Then you wake up suddenly because a shot happened in the movie. Now you rewind back to see what happened...

Now imagine this with an exception (=shot)

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