Windows7 - Running applications as Administrator

I have a couple of tools that I want to run as Administrator, otherwise they want show up in VS2010.
I run VS2010 as Administrator, because I use IIS as web server for debugging…

Figure: Check “Run this program as an administrator” to have that tool shown in every application


But, when you tick this checkbox your application wont start anymore… Why is that?

Not sure why though…

But autoruns from Sysinternals shows me that the app is running from the following location in the registry
C:\Users\petergfader\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup



Other 32bit applications are running from the registry… and that seems to work


So… long story short…

Put your 32 bit apps to that registry location

Tools are running!

Figure: How many tools do you use?


Post your tool in the comments if it is not on Scott’s list or on my list

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