"Hidden" shortcuts for testers in Visual Studio

Like most of us, I learned the following shortcuts from the menu
Figure: VS Run tests menu items with shortcuts

Ctrl+R,T Run tests in current context
Ctrl+R,A Run all tests in solution
Ctrl+R,Y Run all impacted tests

with their corresponding Debug Mode, by using <Ctrl> for the second keystroke. E.g. Ctrl+R,Ctrl+T Debug tests in current context

Today I discovered these additional shortcuts.
I discovered those by changing some shortcuts from using MSTest to TestDriven, as per suggestion from RBanks54 (which rocks BTW, both)

Ctrl+R,N Run tests in namespace
Ctrl+R,C Run tests in class

Not sure how useful those are, but I tend to scroll through the whole list of shortcuts now and learn some new ones… 

Figure: Keyboard options where I found those




Ctrl+R, F Runs all checked tests (that means tests that failed in the last run, when using MSTest with the GUI)

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