SSIS and SSRS - QA from the BI class

SSIS can export data into excel files, and SSRS can also do this. Which way is better / more appropriate in which circumstances?

I see the "Export to Excel" from SQL Server Reporting services more as a quick way to copy data from the report to somewhere else, and not as a "real" export of data to Excel. Especially because a report has most of the times a nice layout with human readable content.
If you export a nice human readable report to Excel you almost always end up with a messy Excel worksheet. But it is nice to quickly copy some table data out of the report.

SQL Server Integration services is the much better way to export data to Excel. Because that gives you the full power and flexibility to create a nice Excel workbook from within the VS SSIS Designer.


  1. If you want to quickly copy some data from the report use "Export to Excel" from within SSRS
  2. If you export table data to Excel use SSIS

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