Tired of manual deployments?

Have you ever come across this?

"Only Bob knows how to deploy... And he is on holidays..."

Or maybe this…

You spent an hour on a bug fix,
   but customers will not see it for months


Or you need to do this…

"We deploy on Saturday, because on Saturday there is no one in the office and we can't be offline during the week"


Or you are a bit late and …

Deployment happens 1 day before Go-Live and you are freaking out
Borat freaking out

And you say …

"Deployment is so hard."
"We have to configure the environment, update databases, take care of existing data, start and stop external services, check for external dependencies and more things on my list that I can't even remember"


Most important …

Manual deployment != fun



Quitting your job is not an option…

From: http://twitter.com/#!/DEVOPS_BORAT/status/62745218931359744



How to tackle these problems with TFS?
How to automate your deployment with msbuild and msdeploy?

Check out my talk at the SSW user group on the 20. July in Neutral Bay Not the Microsoft office in Ryde.
The user group has *moved* from Microsoft to SSW in Neutral Bay (How to get there).


Watch this space for the slides and notes after the 20. July
You might even
subscribe via email in the meantime Winking smile

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Unknown said...

Great, I'll wait for the slides as we are currently planning to so something similar @ work. Beside CI, nightly builds running test cases and doing a deploy on a dedicated webserver.

I love automation!

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