Continuous Delivery with TFS, msbuild and msdeploy

We had a great crowd last Wednesday night at the Sydney .NET UG. Thanks everyone!

For everyone who couldn't make it, ping Raj (our video guy) and tell him to get the recording up and running Winking smile
The video is online: Continuous Delivery with TFS, msbuild and msdeploy!

Agenda of the talk

  1. Pain
  2. Goals
  3. How To
    1. Start from scratch
    2. Existing System
  4. Best Practices



Deployment pain can be found on my previous entry about Tired of manual deployments?


#1 Deliver business value faster
You spent an hour on a bug fix, but customers will not see it for months

#2 Fail fast and early in the development process
On the "Go Live Day" you realize: Production hardware is missing an important feature

#3 Release small increments
Deploying often, less number of defects

How To

See the slides for all details and the recording (that should be up soon, Raj)

Best Practices

#1 Deploy early
Deployment is never easy, so try to deploy as soon as possible to remove all roadblocks

#2 Have a rollback plan

#3 Have a Dashboard
Latest Build? Environment which version? Everything healthy?

#4 Have a guinea pig
AB testing

#5 Have a clone of your production environment

#6 Have everything under source control

#7 Log failed and successful deployments

Thanks everyone for the great feedback!!



Slides are on SlideShare


More infos can be found on my blog post about Do you automate your deployment process? (aka Continuous Deployment)

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