It's official: Manual deployments are BAD, Automated Deployments are a WIN!

*Updated* 14 November 2011: Video is not on vimeo anymore but on


The video video recording of my talk "Continuous Delivery with TFS, msbuild and msdeploy" is finally online.

Please say
"Thanx" to Raj.
Thanks to Adam Cogan for introducing me so nicely, he almost got my last name right this time Winking smile

The video is on -> which just launched BTW and is a great learning resource)  
and embedded here

Figure: Video recording of Continuous Delivery - SSW Sydney User Group - Peter Gfader


Have fun and send me some feedback


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The slides are on SlideShare


Anonymous said...

Thanks, but Video is not working! It says Upload quota has been exceeded...

Peter Gfader said...


Thanks for alert. I will look into this. There seem to be some account limitations on vimeo

I'll keep you posted

Unknown said...

Good stuff, start of what I'm looking for, thanks. Am intending to extend this in to Amazon CloudFormation and Beanstalk deployment. Have you had any success with those scenarios?

Peter Gfader said...

Hi Sean

I didn't try those 2 yet.
But I had good success with TFS web app deployments and appHarbor in general.

Unknown said...

Guess you're on your travels, as mentioned in the video. Good luck with that. Any findings I get for Amazon I'll publish and link here.


Peter Gfader said...

Looking forward to your experience report+

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