Lean, Agile, Scrum Zurich conference slides

The Lean Agile Scrum conference 2012 is history.
This conference was a blast. All the discussions after and between the talks were superb, and getting to meet new people is always AWESOME (until a shark and a gorilla high-five each other in front of a en explosion –> Thanks Joe)

2 quick impressions from the conference

Arne Roock starting a Kanban sessionLunch and Apero - The best parts?
Figure: The pictures are so blurry because I was so excited to give a session later

My little contribution to this conference aka slides on SlideShare

PS: As per my other blog entry about Conferences to attend this year I gave the conference only 2 happy rainbows.
Not sure why. This conference deserves at least 4 rainbows!

What was your impression?
What were the best bits of the conference?

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