Are you a Professional?

What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?  
Figure: What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?


My geek friends from were so bored at the last get-together that they have produced a nice video: ”What does it mean to be a Professional Scrum Developer?” embedded below for your quick viewing pleasure.


“I am a Professional and I am part of a team. A team that is cross-functional with all necessary skills to deliver software frequently.
We are programmers, testers, DBAs, designers, architects, business analysts, requirements engineers and are all part of the same team.
The development team.”

Are you a Professional ?


The other reason why I blog about this video is that I published another post on my company blog, and I wanted to cross reference that blog post from here to there.

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If your team includes recognized specialists and professionals in your field, this immediately raises your reputation several times.

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