Visual Studio 2005 Localization Problem

BUG in VS2005 8.0.52727 I have created a UserControl. In one Language with Localizable= false. After i have finished my work i set Localizable= true. Save All Run Everything is fine. Now i set the Language on the UserControl to Italian and change some Labels (Text). SaveAll The Italian Version of my program is fine. When i switch to the default Language my control is corrupted. (DataSet deleted, Some properties removed) My Control contains a DataSet, UltratabControl from Infragistics some labels and a GridView. Filesize&Files before: 19.746 Rooms.cs 13.255 Rooms.Designer.cs 20.239 Rooms.resx Filesize&Files after: 19.746 Rooms.cs 17.560 Rooms.Designer.cs 66.295 25.981 Rooms.resx When i look into the Rooms.Designer.cs File it is very strange... Some properties are set some are not. Some are applyied (resources.ApplyResources() ) Strange! Solution: Change Localizable = true but dont change the Language. Manually add the Files and complete the labels and change their Names.


Hesham Desouky said...

what if I want to change the controls locations and sizes and LeftToRight properties.
The designer make this issue simple but it is filled of bugs!!!!

Peter Gfader said...

you can create and open the Form1.en.resx files with Visual Studio.
But not open the Form in Designer and change to other languages.

We are doing this... and it works... not the best solution... but...


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