Visual Studio 2005 Localization Problem

BUG in VS2005 8.0.52727 I have created a UserControl. In one Language with Localizable= false. After i have finished my work i set Localizable= true. Save All Run Everything is fine. Now i set the Language on the UserControl to Italian and change some Labels (Text). SaveAll The Italian Version of my program is fine. When i switch to the default Language my control is corrupted. (DataSet deleted, Some properties removed) My Control contains a DataSet, UltratabControl from Infragistics some labels and a GridView. Filesize&Files before: 19.746 Rooms.cs 13.255 Rooms.Designer.cs 20.239 Rooms.resx Filesize&Files after: 19.746 Rooms.cs 17.560 Rooms.Designer.cs 66.295 25.981 Rooms.resx When i look into the Rooms.Designer.cs File it is very strange... Some properties are set some are not. Some are applyied (resources.ApplyResources() ) Strange! Solution: Change Localizable = true but dont change the Language. Manually add the Files and complete the labels and change their Names.

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