Opera vs. Google Chrome - Usability perspective


Bad Example - Opera has too many options to configure it, for the standard user. (No chance to find a setting)


Good Example - Chrome assumes many settings. (Brainstorming in Google Labs?)


In Opera we have 5 tabs, (14 tabs under the advanced tab), that makes: 5+14 -1
= 18 tabs with options to configure.

In Chrome (Beta we have 3 Tabs with options to configure.
Maybe the Google Chrome Team adds more oft them later, but the essence is:
The Usability team has researched how the browser should work and behave,
all settings that makes sense to configure are there.
No options the users doesn't care about!


And that follows the 2nd major usability rule from Joel.
Yes, i like them a lot!! :-)

From Joel Spolsky first UI book. 

Every time you provide an option, you're asking the user to make a decision.






Chrome is the browser release from Google, based on Chromium. Chromium is the open source project.
More details on that on Wikipedia Chrome

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