Note to myself: TFS checks-in only changed and checkedout items

Nothing checked out

Open form in Designer

Visual Studio checks out all 3 files

  • FormStartup.resx
  • FormStartup.cs
  • FormStartup.Designer.cs

On Checkin


Shock: I only changed a text on a label. Why are all 3 files checked out.


But then in --> View History --> Changesets there is only 1 file



Remember to right click on Designer.cs file (contextmenu), else you get the wrong history!!

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Unknown said...

I think VS checks out all 3 files because they're somehow connected to each other. On check-in however, only those are committed where changes have been made, for the others an automatic undo is done by the TFS server. I'm however not 100% sure whether this is the right reasoning for this behavior.

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