A better EBay in Silverlight

Thanks everyone for 2 great user group nights.
Here are my slides and my most important slide, based on Paul Stovell's blog post

If you are facing a technology decision, consider

  1. Existing Team knowledge
  2. Your target audience (User, OS, browser, devices, …)
  3. Technology limitations

Ask yourself: What gets you there faster?


Use Silverlight plugin
Figure: My workflow on deciding on a technology, based on Paul Stovell's workflow


Here the slides

BTW: Our software is going to be on Australian TV. Stay tuned!!

Figure: On the screen in the middle you can see our main screen done in Silverlight

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oldsalt19 said...

I haven't tried it lately because last time it took half a day to get my computer back up but I've had a lot of problems with my system freezing up tight every time silverlight tried to load when on Ebay. I'm not alone. I just googled the problem and there are two pages of ebay users who have had the same problems. Is it fixed or are you guys going to fix it?

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