3 keyboard productivity tips for VS2010 - "Look Ma no mouse"

I am a big fan of little check-ins as often as possible during the day, instead of 1 big check-in at the end of the day.

Split tasks into smaller pieces and check-in every small change. Advantages of doing so:

  1. Your focus is much higher because your code changes are smaller
  2. Less risk of merges and conflicts
  3. Every check-in is a kind of a "Done" (Isolate features!)

BTW: In order that everyone on your team can follow the life of your code base, you should setup email alerts on source control. So everyone can follow what's going on…


Back to checkins!
A check-in has to be quick. That is the reason why I don't like Gated-Checkins. I don't want to wait for a Gated-Checkin to be finished.
It has to be quick!!


Now …  3 quick keyboard tips for Visual Studio 2010

If you are coding along and you are done with the current task/feature/test/coding

#1 Do a Checkin!

  1. <Ctrl>+<Alt>+<L>   : Focus Solution Explorer
  2. WinRight                    : Open Contextmenu
  3. <I>,<I>                    : Go to menu point "Check In"
  4. <Enter>                     : Select "Check In"
  5.                                   : Type comment
  6. <Alt> + <C>             : Do the check in

Your build server will tell you if you did a good job, because you have a lot of automated tests.


How to get back to the code window?

#2 Focus Code Editor

Hit a couple of times <Esc>



How can you close "Solution Explorer", "Team Explorer" or other tool windows with the keyboard?

#3 Close tool window with current focus






"Look Ma, no mouse"

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