Microsoft ASP.NET - Too many options

*Updated* 10 May 2011: From Tarn's feedback: I made it more clear that the target audience "Beginners with ASP.NET" get confused.


I think Microsoft's message for beginners on ASP.NET is wrong, by suggesting we have 3 players for doing web development with MS tooling, as per

Me thinks: There is "Web Pages", "MVC" and "Webforms", and tools: "WebMatrix" and "VS2010".
But should we really suggest all of them?


Next week I am talking about ASP.NET MVC at UTS because that's a bright future in my eyes.
WebForms is still handy for some things (usercontrols, legacy,...), and obviously you can mix both together as much as you like…

I got a question regarding reference applications for ASP.NET from an UTS student and went to because this website should be our main entry point for MS web development.

I was shocked!
Now we have a new player!

ASP.NET getstartet portal
Figure: ASP.NET Get started shows 3 options for doing web development

So…. Instead of 2 options: "WebForms" and "MVC", we have another option here "Web Pages"

I speak to so many dev's that struggle already with the options provided and are overwhelmed by all the different choices that we have: WebForms, MVC, Silverlight, HTML5, jQuery, WTF, … Confusing them with "Web Pages" is not a good idea


I think MS should make clear:

As a Starter on ASP.NET use "WebMatrix" and "Web Pages".
If you want to go Pro, get "VS2010" and use "MVC". For legacy reasons or fancy user controls use "Web Forms".

We have 2 UI technologies: #1 Webforms and #2 MVC
We have 2 tools: #1 WebMatrix and #2 VS2010

What do you think?

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