Tumblr! Not an excuse for not “blogging”

Peter thinks
Figure: Comic effect created with this Photoshop tutorial

Is my new tumblr stream just an excuse for not blogging??
Instead of saying:

“I am way too lazy busy to write a proper blog. I just post random stuff”

It is my effort of publishing more. As I said in my 2012 retrospective I want to publish more, because I like the feedback and discussions that come out of it.

So... there you have it: Peter’s little link list + comments


Via feedburner I get all these “tumbles” in my inbox (special folder), so I can easily search for these notes later on…

Thanks to Juri for this


What do you think?

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Unknown said...

the hint with the inbox (google reader) is not bad as the Tumblr search totally sucks

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