Conferences to attend this year - I love lists

What you write down you don't have to remember
I love lists!
Or as my girlfriend says to me: "Don't you have a list for that?"

Indeed, I have a list for almost everything:

  • Things to read
  • Things to buy
  • Things to blog
  • Presents for Christmas 2012
  • Tools to play with
  • Lap times with my bike
  • ...

This comes back to:
#1 What you don't measure, you cant improve -> Continuous Improvement
#2 What you write down, you don't have to remember -> Free up your mind

The other good thing is:
#3 "A list is a data structure" #wootwoot #DoubleGeekW00t


Back to the list that I wanted to bring up:

Conferences to attend 2012

This list is highly customized to my needs: Central Europe based, Developer Focused, Agile+Scrum related, No SharePoint, Easy to get to, Heaps of coffee there and maybe even Free?


How keen am I?
In number of rainbows
Name, Date and URL


QCon London
March 5-9


Microsoft Windows TechConference
12. März 2012 | Trafo Baden


Swiss testing day
14. März 2012 in Zürich


Excellence in Software (David Starr and Elizabeth Woodward)

24-25 April, Zürich


May 21-25 2012 in Malmö Sweden


NDC 2012
June 6-8


TechEd 2012
June 11-14 in Orlando US


JAZOON'12 Zurich, Switzerland
June 26 to 28


TechEd Europe
June 26-29, Amsterdam


Scrum Day 2012
July 6, Walldorf, Germany


Build 2012
Couldn't find an official date yet...


ALE2012 Unconference
29-31 August 2012, Barcelona


Lean Agile Scrum
12. September, Zürich


iqnite - Software quality and testing
25. September Konferenz. Zürich


I guess in November. Same as last year


More conferences can be found here.
Wow! This year is overwhelming!!!! has a nice list with Agile events

Great list, run by Jean Pierre

lanyrd – the social conference directory

Swiss tech meetups can be found here


Which conferences are you going to? And I should as well???


Unknown said...

I'm be probably @ QCon. Already looking forward to :)

Peter Gfader said...

Have you signed up already for QCon??

John Liu said...

no SharePoint? BOOO!!!

Unknown said...

@Peter Yes, yesterday our participation was confirmed.

Anonymous said...

More conferences in Switzerland can be found here

Anonymous said...

Kind of related.
Nice article from Atul Gawande about checklists and the importance of following them

Unknown said...

Btw, if you like lists, you might like

Peter Gfader said...

Yep workflowy is great.
But it is another place where a list goes lost (although email reminders and daily recap emails from workflowy help)

ATM: I use a combination of
- emails
- evernote
- text files (sync dropbox)
- exchange tasks
- workflowy
- trello
- physical boards (2 of them)
- physical post-its
- paper

yes it is a little bit messy

Unknown said...

hehe :) me too.

Tried to dismiss Evernote and SpringPad however and focused more on Trello (especially for project-related tasks) in order to reduce the mess at least a bit.

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